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Goldberg v. Brock Lesnar: Pros & Cons

Well wasn't that the biggest swerve of the year!

"Bill please..."

"Bill please..."

This article will probably take you longer to read than the match itself, which lasted approximately 1 minutes and 25 seconds... so lets jump right into the Pros and Cons!


Big Money: Goldberg's return was a huge draw for the WWE. Every time Goldberg was scheduled to appear on Monday Night Raw, viewership increased to approximately 3 million. (source) Therefore the announcement of Goldberg appearing in the Rumble next year shows WWE obviously have faith that he will continue to bring in views, and if we have a little bit of faith in WWE, the more money they make, the better the quality of content we receive.

Buzz: Let's be honest, Professional Wrestling isn't the most mainstream source of entertainment. However, the shocking result of the match has cause international buzz. Not only was social media flooded with reactions, but national newspapers such as The Independent or The Times of India were publishing articles about the match. As wrestling fans, the more interest there is in wrestling, the easier it is for us to be open about our love for wrestling.

(Potentially) No Shane v. Lesnar: Hooray! At Summerslam this year, we were teased with the idea that Brock Lesnar would be feuding with Shane O'Mac. Don't get me wrong, I love Shane as much as the next guy, but as evident by his performance at Survivor Series, he's not the best wrestler (despite being booked like a God). Rumour has it that Goldberg has potentially signed on with WWE until Wreslemania 33, and the most likely opponent in Brock Lesnar. Although the two times we've seen Goldberg and Lesnar go at it, the matches have most certainly not been 5-stars, but a potential third match will most certainly be better than any match between Lesnar and Shane O'Mac.


Making wrestlers look weak: Well seeming as Lesnar essentially jobbed to Goldberg, he looks like a bit of a weakling, right? But Lesnar ran through the entire roster for over three years, ended The Streak, and manhandled Superman Cena, as if he were Zach Gowen. So in kayfabe terms Lesnar was THE GUY to beat. Therefore the fact that a near 50 year old man could defeat Lesnar so quickly makes the likes of John Cena, Randy Orton and The Undertaker look weak by association.

Wrong person getting the Rub: 'Rub' is basically a way of getting a wrestler over, by pairing them with a bigger wrestler. And as Lesnar has been established as THE GUY to beat, whoever beat him would get the 'Rub' as the guy who beat the guy who is the 1 in 23-1. There is a host of talent that could have really benefited from beating Lesnar, and that could have propelled that superstar to becoming the next big thing. Two 'favourites' would be NXT's biggest stars, Samoa Joe and Shinsuke Nakamura (Shinsuke and Brock have already faced off 10 years ago). However, the fact Goldberg beat Lesnar could potentially throw away a chance for WWE to make a mega star, simply because they wanted to make a quick buck.


In conclusion, the result of the 2016 Survivor Series will go down as one of the biggest OMG moments in WWE history. However, if WWE play their cards right, they could have something great in store for us at Wrestlemania 33 (definitely better than that rumoured Shane v. Lesnar angle...). And finally, no matter how controversial the result, it definitely got people talking about pro-wrestling again.