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Why was Monday Night Nitro was Launched?

With NXT on USA and AEW Dynamite on TNT (They know Drama) about to go head to head, I thought perhaps it would be good to have a look into why the show that started the Monday night wars was launched.

wednesday dynamite poster
nxt on usa
wcw nitro logo

WCW Nitro on TNT was born when Eric Bischoff requested a meeting Ted Turner (the then owner of TNT and WCW) and justified to Turner that the company wasn’t performing as well the WWF because they didn’t have a prime time tv slot like Vince McMahon had for RAW. Up until this time WCW had a show on Saturday Nights, aptly named “WCW Saturday Night”. Which was a lesser TV slot than that of a Monday Night and didn’t have the occasional advantage that RAW had of sometimes being able to go live for an episode.

Turner gave Bischoff what he wanted, but went even further by giving him a slot on Monday night that would have WCW go head to head with the WWF. It’s worth noting here that allegedly Vince had been sending Turner letters for the past year telling him “his promotion was an embarrassment to him and he should shut it down”

The debut of Nitro was a one hour show from the mall of America on the 4th of September 1995 - not so coincidently the day Monday night Raw was preempted by the Westminster Dog Show… That’s right the WESTMINSTER DOG SHOW!

I need a puffy shirt like Luger!

I need a puffy shirt like Luger!

For the first time since 2001 (minus TNA’s short-lived attempt in 2011), we’re going to be seeing two wrestling companies with go head-to-head on major TV networks and I for one can’t wait for the first shots to be fired.

The Top 5 Moustaches in Wrestling

I’ve got a moustache. Well to be honest I’ve got a fully fledged beard, so I thought. Hey, lets give the wrestlers with a fuzzy caterpillar some love! So here’s the greatest wrestling Moustaches of all time!

Honorable Mentions

Cody Rhodes – Rhodes is already a handsome man, but having a gimmick surrounding the fact he had a moustache that made him even more handsome? Genius!

Mean Gene Okerland – ‘Put that cigarette out!’ and celebrate the gentlemanly moustache of one of the most iconic ring announcers in history.

The Iron Sheik - Break your moustache and make you humble!

5. Rick Steiner


Not only was he one-half of the greatest tag teams in professional wrestling. But he donned the thickest of horseshoe moustaches ever. Often overshadowed by his brother’s exuberant ‘Big Poppa Pump’ gimmick, Rick was a badass, legit wrestling machine. He was a tough guy in the ring, and his moustache made him look even more menacing.

I’m personally a believer in the theory that had Scott also had a Rick Steiner moustache when they were tagging, the brothers would have been the single greatest tag team in history. Come on, look at this picture and tell me you wouldn’t just hand your belt over to this man.

4. Big Bully Busick


A throwback to a good ol’ 1920’s bully who would murder you one on one whilst ‘rassling’ on a barge. Triple B’s unconventional handlebar moustache into sideburns truly made him look like a silent film villain.

Despite being a jobber, it’s commendable that Busick had no formal wrestling training, and quite literally learnt the ‘graps’ in the ring. The only thing WWE (then WWF) has missed out on was an angle where he tied another superstar’s loved on to a train track in a whimsical manner.

3. Ox Baker


Imagine Rick Steiner’s moustache, only longer, bushier and on a bigger man who screamed ‘I love to hurt people!’ Ox Baxter’s moustache made him look like a wild man. An individual who would go to great lengths simply to maim his opponent.

The look worked so well that Baker transitioned into Hollywood roles, alongside actors such as Jackie Chan and Kurt Russel. So let that be a lesson to you, grow a gnarly moustache and you’ll be a star!

2. Harley Race


The late great Harley Race is an unconventional pick for this spot, but hear me out on this one. For starts, Harley Race literally went from almost having his leg amputated to being one of the manliest wrestlers ever! Not only that but his iconic moustache into mutton chops combo had every single woman in attendance swooning.

Harley Race was involved in wrestling since 1965, and was involved in the industry until the very end. Harley was one of the toughest guys to have ever lived and arguable this in part is because the power of his mutton chops transcended space and time, and have gave him everlasting tough guy cred.

1. Hulk Hogan

THAT’S RIGHT BROTHER?! WHATCHA GONNA DO?! Because let’s all be honest, it couldn’t be anyone else. Not only because the Hulkster’s horseshoe moustache was immaculate, but also because it’s iconic. Go to anyone on the street and show him just the bleach blonde moustache and I guarantee, 8 out of 10 people will name drop Mr America.


Personally, despite the 1980’s horseshoe being Hogan’s iconic look, I feel that the moustache plus dark stubble beard combo was his best look. It gave him the grizzly dark look a good heel needed. It also reflected the grizzly dark state on WCW circa 1997.

But hey Hulkster… still hate you.

The Top 5 Tag Matches in Summer Slam History!

Summerslam is fast approaching and with some potentially great tag matches on the offing, I thought it best we have a retrospective on some of the greatest tag matches at the Biggest Party of the Summer

The order of these matches is determined on the basis of how good they are as ‘Tag Team Matches’. This consists of the following criteria: How well the teams perform as a cohesive unit; how they utilised the ring as a tag team (such as cutting the ring in half) and finally, the entertainment value of the match. All of these conditions lead to what I  have now dubbed ‘Sully’s QUALITY TAG TEAM WRESTLING seal of approval’.

Honourable mentions

These matches, unfortunately, didn’t make the list but they’re definitely worth a watch!

  1. The Mega Powers v. The Mega Bucks (First SummerSlam main-event, build to Mania 5, Miss Elizabeth <3)

  2. The Steiner’s v. The Heavenly Bodies (Pre Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner and Jim Cornette)

  3. Chyna and Eddie Guererro v. Val Venis and Trish Stratus (Mostly for the finish)

5)  DX v.Legacy –  SummerSlam 2009

This match is an unexpected tag team gem. Let’s be honest, neither team (despite what WWE say) will go down in the annals of wrestling history as one of the ‘greatest tag teams’. However, they 20-minute match these two teams put on, is one of the best in SummerSlam history.

The bulk of the praise goes to Rhodes and DiBiase, for they showed of great heel team work. For example, the majority of the match took place in their half of the ring. This gave them the chance to display their tag team chops, from making frequent tags, and utilising the fact the referee was distracted to get in a few extra blows.

Furthermore, when it came to near chances both teams were on the balls of their feet in breaking up pinfalls and submissions. This increased the entertainment value of the match. Not only that, DX’s entrance really set the bar for the level of entertainment that match would give the fans. From the HUGE tank, which required the entrance ramp to split in half, to the crowd going wild for the ‘Suck It’ chant.

My main criticism of this match, as a tag team bout, would be the fact DX wasn’t really working as a cohesive team. They had some moments of ‘tag team wrestling’ such as the spot where HHH flips Micheals to the outside. Other than that spot, and the pinfall break ups, the two acted more like two singles competitors throw together, which they essentially were.

All in all, an exciting match which really showed off Legacy’s talent as wrestlers. It’s a shame WWE let them slip through their fingers. (DiBiase to AEW confirmed???)

4) The Hardy Boyz v. The Dudleys v. Edge and Christian – SummerSlam 2000

This is going to be seen as a controversial placement by many of you, as TLC 2000 is heralded as the greatest TLC matches of all time. I don’t disagree with that statement, but that doesn’t mean it’s worthy of being called the greatest tag team match in SummerSlam history.

The match no doubt was entertaining from start to finish. Even the pyro from The Dudleys entrance get’s you pumped. From then on its spot after spot, keeping you on the edge of your seat. The match is truly a product of the Attitude Era.

Man run-ins used to be fun

Man run-ins used to be fun

However, this also works against the match. The match is as some would call ‘a spot-fest’. At the time wrestling was evolving and as we can see now, these huge spots are what crowds are looking for as opposed to technical wrestling. In my opinion, just because you’ve got 30+ hardcore spots in a 20-minute match, it doesn’t make it a good match. The continuous use of spots makes the match, as JR describes it whilst on commentary, ‘A car wreck’.

Furthermore, watching the match is pretty painful. Having the benefit of hindsight, some of the risks these guys are taking are certainly not worth the repercussions. The unprotected chair shots, the cringe inducing ‘see-saw ladder’ spot, makes one’s body shiver. Quality Tag Team Wrestling, really shouldn’t require superstars shorten their careers (like Edge) and lives for our entertainment.

There’s no doubt this match had cohesive work between teams and was certainly entertaining. Yet the fact the match was basically ‘how can we hurt each in new and inventive ways’ really diminishes the quality of the wrestling for me.

3) Hart Foundation v. The Brainbusters – SummerSlam 1989

Going into this match, I was expecting some big b*****s (and Bret Hart) but on a barn burner, and I wasn’t disappointed. When you think of great tag teams, the Hart Foundation and The Brainbusters (or at least Arn and Tully as the Horsemen) come to mind. The Harts were a beautiful mix of technical wrestling and crazy hoss strength. The Brainbusters were basically The Revival before The Revival, big tough guys who were exceptionally athletic.

The match from start to finish was a technical masterpiece, especially Bret and Tully. Both whipping out some amazing matt skills and athletic manoeuvres. Both teams took advantage of the ‘lax’ tag team rules at the time, with frequent interruptions and using illegal tags.

Building on the use of illegal tags, The Brainbusters were amazing heels. Using cowardice effectively, taking advantage of a distracted referee and just that amazing finish. With Arn delivering a double axe handle from the second rope as Bret was pinning Tully when Heenan had the ref distracted and then an illegal Arn getting the pin!

That finish itself makes this match worth of Sully’s QUALITY TAG TEAM WRESTLING seal of approval.

My only tiny gripe with this match would be that it took a little while to get flowing, but when it did, damn was it a good match.

2) Hart Foundation v. Demolition – SummerSlam 1990

If the previous match was big b*****s (and Bret Hart) putting on a barn burner, then this match would be the big b*****s (and Bret Hart) burning two barns! (Neither SLTD Wrestling nor myself encourage the literal burning of barns.)

This match hit all of the requirements of QUALITY TAG TEAM WRESTLING. Entertainment, using the ring and working together as a team.

The entertainment comes through Demolition’s ingenious thinking of swapping Axe and Smash (eat your hearts out Bella’s) which not only sent the crowd wild but also added an injection of energy into the match, as a completely fresh competitor was involved. The match was so exciting, that despite being a best 2 out of 3 falls match, it never seemed to drag on! The 20 minutes went by in a flash.

Once again the Harts’ mix of technical ability and impressive power, worked demonstrated amazing tag team wrestling. Furthermore Demolition, as power wrestlers, put on a good showing, switching from methodical to explosive when needed. Moreover, having the third member of the stable switch in during the match showed they team really knew how one another worked.

However, despite this match being a double barn burner, I personally wasn’t a fan of the ending. The pre-match promo made it obvious the Legion of Doom and Domination were going to enter a feud. But it wasn’t the fact LoD ran in that disappointed me. What disappointed me was how messy the run in was. LoD and Demolition seemed to flounder and the ref’s restrained reaction made it obvious he was clued in on the run in.

I recommend Steve Austin goes back in time and teaches LoD how to run-in. Then this match would be perfect.

1) The British Bulldogs v. The Fabulous Rougeaus

What’s the best way to kick off the inaugural SummerSlam? I’ll tell you how. QUALITY TAG TEAM WRESTLING TO THE MAX! The Bulldogs and The Rougeaus put on one of the best tag matches I’ve ever seen. And as you can tell, I love tag team wrestling.

The match is criticised for being ‘slow’ and having ‘too many abdominal stretches’. That’s poppycock! The abdominal stretches themselves acted as beautiful nuggets of character work from the Rougeaus.

The Rougeau brothers truly are Gods gift to women

The Rougeau brothers truly are Gods gift to women

From the offset just amazing work from both team. Lovely shifts in momentum from the Bulldogs to the Rougeaus and back. Incredible heel work from the Canadians and brilliant face work from the Brits. If you want to watch a masterclass in the art of cutting the ring in half, watch this match. The Rougeaus spent the better part of 13 minutes working Dynamite Kid in their half of the ring, with frequent tags and underhanded tactics.

If you want to learn how to perform an amazing hot tag? Study the way Dynamite Kid gets from being decimated to clawing his way to Bulldog who just runs through the Rougeau brothers. Then watch the Rougeaus fight their way back to reaching what I thought was a totally appropriate finish.

After an amazing match, both teams are on the floor in the ring and the bell goes. Why? Time. Limit. Draw. These teams gave it their absolute best and a draw meant that both teams were rewarded for their amazing performances. Finally, the post match antics were the icing on the cake. The heel Rougeaus were celebrating as if they’d won the match, with the Bulldogs being dejected. Then when the Rougeus sucker-punch the Bulldogs leading to a chase backstage. Wow. What a way to kick off the first Biggest Party of the Summer.


It’s unlikely that this year or any year in the foreseeable future will we get a match to top The Bulldogs v. Rougeaus. However, I highly recommend that you pay close attention to The Revival v. The Usos. Because those two, are arguable the best tag teams on the planet at the moment.

(This article was originally written for SLTD Wrestling)

5 WWE Wrestlers Who Should Go To AEW

So AEW has the potential to be the biggest threat to the WWE since TNA… sorry I could’t help but to make that joke. AEW could genuinely be the biggest threat to the WWE since WCW. Being headed by a group of guys who are adored by the IWC (Internet Wrestling Community) and financed by a legitimate billionaire they have the ingredients to create something great!

However there is one key thing they need to get the show on the road, and that’s talent. They’ve officially signed some of the hottest Indy talent out there, the likes of Joey Ryan, PAC, Britt Baker and so many more. Yet, signing some talent from the WWE might give them that extra little boost in terms of eyeballs, so here is a comprehensive list of talents who would benefit from making the move over to AEW. (This list does not include wrestlers ‘rumoured’ to have handed in their release request at the time of writing).

5. Most of the Tag Division

Doc Gallows Machine Gun KKKKarl Anderson - Picture Courtesy of Sportskeeda

Doc Gallows Machine Gun KKKKarl Anderson - Picture Courtesy of Sportskeeda

Okay this one is kind of cheating, but most of the WWE’s tag division is treated like a joke. On RAW your Champions are literally a team that was thrown together with no real story (You’re gonna say The Bar were too, but they actually had a best of 7 feud to reach that point you damn mark). Who beat a team that was managed by a dude who peed himself. The situation is a little better over on SmackDown with at least 3 teams who are consistently booked well, however the tag titles at the moment seems to be being used to further a Shane O’Mac v. Miz feud, as opposed to showing off quality tag wrestling.

Talents like The Ascension, Sanity and The Club who have proven themselves in NXT or around the world would greatly benefit from trying their hand in a promotion where tag team wrestling is almost certainly going to be held in high regard. With the Young Bucks part of the upper-echelon, it goes without a doubt that they will be booking genuinely creative and exciting tag team wrestling. As opposed to victory by peeing on robe…

4. Tyler Breeze / Fandango

Yes Yes I know they’re a tag team and thus you will say “YoU jUsT SAiD TaG TeAmZ” but listen here, I’m talking about them as individual competitors but on the same footing thus I have combined their entry, okay?

The sexiest cops in town - Image courtesy of WWE

The sexiest cops in town - Image courtesy of WWE

Tyler Breeze and Fandango individually are both great workers in the ring and outside of the ring. This is evident by Breeze’s time in NXT where not only did he contend for the main strap but also had a match with god damn Jushin Thunder Liger! And well the Fashion Files goes to prove just how good they two of them are outside of the ring. They’re two of the funniest wrestlers in the company, and if they were booked properly they could run any mid card division as individual talents, let alone as a tag team.


3. Ruby Riott

What a Riot - Image Courtesy of Sportskeeda

What a Riot - Image Courtesy of Sportskeeda

Is the way to my heart having loads of tattoos? Yes… yes it is! But Ruby Riott (why 2 T’s why?) is potentially the most under-utilised member of the WWE women’s locker room. From having awesome, but short, run in NXT in competitive matches with the likes of Nikki Cross and Ember Moon, she’s been relegated to being the leader and basically carrying a lacklustre faction. I’m sure the intention was to have the Riott Squad do great things, and with the announcement of the Women’s Tag Titles, there is some hope for her to hold gold in the WWE, but so far her main roster run has me, mediocre at best.

With AEW promising women the same pay as men, as well as awesome indy talent to wrestle Ruby Riott would certainly be in a pretty hot spot in AEW, being able to wrestle to her fullest ability and well like I said, that pay promise ain’t too shabby.

2. Most of the 205 Live Roster

205 Maybe Live - Image Courtesy of Cageside Seats

205 Maybe Live - Image Courtesy of Cageside Seats

Listen this is my list, and I’ll format it however I darn like broski. Let’s be honest 205 Live doesn’t get nearly as much love as it deserves by the WWE. It had potential to be viewed as the most exciting programming they had to offer. But now it’s just kind of seen as ‘small dudes bing flippy shit after SmackDown’. The roster has so much potential and they rarely get the chance to showcase their true talents on WWE TV, and even worse, they usually end up wrestling their hearts out in-front of worn out crowds who don’t truly appreciate the talent in the ring.

To make matters worse the call up of Mustafa Ali (although it’s done wonders for him and I’m glad he was) has taken away the ‘Heart of 205 Live’. Since he’s left there’s been something missing from the show, and with the precedent of talents going full time on RAW or SmackDown, and very few new talents joining the 205 roster since it’s inception there is going to be something amiss on the brand.

But, if some of these guys went to AEW and were able to wrestle without the WWE restriction and in-front of hot crowds they could do wonders! Especially when they’re up against some the most exciting indy wrestlers out there! Not only that but if AEW play their cards right, they can build a cruiserweight division that is valued like NJPW values their Juniors, as opposed to how WWE basically sees them as ‘the small guys’. It’d be magnificent.

1. Zack Ryder

Where Where Where (Are You) - Image Courtesy of WWE

Where Where Where (Are You) - Image Courtesy of WWE

When a wrestler starts a ‘still here’ hashtag and complains about not being on RAW for a year, you know it’s time for them to leave. I bet you were expecting a main-eventer but nope, Zack Ryder in my opinion is the wrestler who would benefit most and most deserves to go to AEW. And well he has an in. Sure him being friends with Cody could be seen as a bit sketchy and very reminiscent of WCW, but they guy doe shave his own benefits.

He oozes charisma when he’s in the right mind set. Do you remember the pop when he won the IC title at Mania? It was huge! But then he goes and drops it the next night on RAW… The man literally got himself over with the crowd! But was subsequently buried.

When they had the chance to go some huge things with him in that weird Cena v. Kane feud… they kinda made him look like a little bitch… He could have gone over Kane as a babyface or even had a feud with Cena as a heel. Gosh darn it he could have even had a proper feud with Mojo! Why would you not give him that at least.

The man has ‘solid mid-carder’ written all over him, and guess what, that’s not a bad thing. he could play a solid role in AEW’s mid card and not be lost in the shuffle like he is in WWE. Only time will tell…


WrestleMania 34 Predictions

Oh it's time, it's time it's WRESLTEMANIA TIME!



As Wrestling fans, WrestleMania week is our favourite time of the year. Every promotion around the world turns it up a notch, from NJPW and WWE to an indy show with 50 people in the crowd, it's the best time to be a wrestling fan.

This year's Mania on paper looks like it's going to be a stellar one, but who's going to win? Well here's a comprehensive break down of who in my opinion will be walking out of New Orleans as victors. 

Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, despite having a huge namesake, isn't really a priority match on the WrestleMania card. The sheer number of competitors in the match makes it a difficult one to call, you've a 1 in 30 chance of being right.

Despite this I have a feeling, the winner of the AMBR will most likely be either Matt Hardy, with the assist of 'Woken Wyatt' or it'll be a name that hasn't been announced, so a return from injury or an NXT call up





Women's Battle Royal

The first ever Women's Battle Royal (Not including the Battle Royals with 'Diva' in the title, which had winners such as AJ Lee and Santina Marella, that's right, Santina Marella...) is a historic event for women in the WWE, however as it's a battle royal, it does sit on the pre-show.

Unlike the men's Battle Royal, this match can probably be whittled down to 1 of 3 winners. Bayley, Sasha Banks and a SmackDown Superstar (in my opinion Becky Lynch). For Bayley or Sasha, a win by eliminating the other would keep their feud going, and add some heat to it. In Becky's case, I think she deserves a 'high profile' win as she is severely underused, and a win would set her up as a Contender for the winner of Charlotte v. Asuka (which we'll get to soon!)

Cedric Alexander v. Mustafa Ali - Cruiserweight Championship



We all know that this match deserves to be in the main-card. Sure it's an honour to be able to compete at WrestleMania, but being on the pre-show isn't quite the same thing. You don't have the full crowds attention and the atmosphere just isn't the same. However the match is going on the pre-show, and in my opinion, it's going to be the match of the night. If HHH say's to these two 'go tear the house down' you know they certainly are going to do so.

Being 100% transparent I want Ali to win this match. We share the same heritage, so I connect with him on a personal level. However, I do also think as of late he's been killing it both in and out of the ring. Putting on amazing matches and beautiful ' self-taped' promos.

It does seem that Cedric has been destined to win this belt since the Rumble, but that idiot Enzo messed it all up. Yet I'm going to go with my heart here, despite Cedric being a great wrestler in his own right, I think Mustafa in the past month or two has really elevated his game, and makes him deserving of being the new Cruiserweight Champion.

Orton v. Roode v. Mahal v. Rusev - US Championship



IT'S RUSEV DAAAAAAAYYYYY. This match is probably going to open the main card, and we need a feel-good moment. Rusev has worked his butt off to get this over with the fans and totally deserves this title. And to be honest, despite how often WWE gets stuff wrong, they are usually good at rewarding wrestlers for selling a ton of merch (see the New Day).

I think Rusev is going to 100% turn face by winning the US Title, giving the audience what they want, which is Rusev getting the recognition he deserves.

However, I do still hold the tiniest bit of doubt in my optimistic prediction, that Bob Roode, may just pick up the title again, and then have a heel run, with Rusev chasing the gold. This with fill the lack of heels on SmackDown, and will give Rusev the satisfaction of having a proper singles feud to win the title, as opposed to being a late addition to a multi-man match.

The Miz v. Seth Rollins v. Finn Balor - Intercontinental Championship



This is the other match I think has potential to steal the show. It has 3 of the best superstars in the company and has had one of the best builds of WrestleMania. Personally, I don't have too much to say about this match, as the build has been so good, I can't do the build justice with words, one simply should watch the promos and matches these three men have been in.

My prediction is that The Miz will go over. He is such a great worker and so deserves a huge WrestleMania moment (WrestleMania 27 absolutely does not count). I feel he should pick up the title, probably by throwing out one of the two other competitors and stealing their pin.

This would result in The Miz being challenged to a title match the next night and either Seth or Finn picking up the title. Thus giving The Miz some well-deserved paternity leave to spend with his wife and baby.

Usos v. New Day v. Bludgeon Brothers - SD Tag Team Championships



I surprisingly like the looks of this match. As Mr Tag-Team Wrestling, I’m usually a man who favours traditional tag team wrestling. However, in this case, I really like all three teams in this match. The Usos and New Day obviously are the best teams on the main roster right now, and the Bludgeon Brother, well despite their obvious foam hammers, are great big men.

I see the Bludgeon Brothers going over here, SmackDown needs a strong heel tag team, especially with the slight chance that Sanity or AoP may come up to main after Mania. This may also lead to the Usos or the New Day moving over to RAW to bolster the tag team division over there.

Braun and Mystery Partner v. The Bar - RAW Tag Team Championships

credit: Bleacher Report

credit: Bleacher Report

Those titles are gonna ‘GET THESE (Braun’s) HANDS!’ This match isn’t really about who will win the match then it is more about, who will be Braun’s partner?

My top pick of Elias is rumoured to be in a segment with the Rock or if failing that may have a segment with Jeff Jarrett (AIN'T I GREAT), therefore I’ll go with my second. The Inter-Gender Champion, James Ellsworth. 

It'd a big feel-good moment for the crowd, it’d bring Braun’s story full circle from Ellsworth being his opponent to being his partner for his first title.

And finally, it’d give Ellsworth a well deserved Mania moment as a competitor. 

Ronda Rousey & Kurt Angle vs. Stephanie McMahon & Triple H



This is probably the biggest match on the card, from a financial standpoint. Ronda Rowsey’s first match in a WWE ring, at the grandest stage of them all… damn.

This match has gotten so much mainstream media attention, all eyes are going to be on it. The amount of attention this match has gotten proves it was a pretty great idea for the WWE to bring Rousey in and just goes to show the creative genius of Vince McMahon.

My prediction is that HHH and Kurt are going to take one another out of the match. This would leave Stephanie in the centre of the ring with Ronda, who locks Steph in a vicious armbar, causing her to tap.

Daniel Bryan & Shane McMahon vs. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn



Let's be honest, if Daniel Bryan doesn’t go over, New Orleans will riot.

There is the slightest of chances either Daniel or Shane will turn, but that seems unlikely. Sure the stipulation of Kevin and Sami being fired if they lose may suggest they’re going over. But it wouldn’t be the first time WWE just ignore a stipulation and have them turn up on RAW the night after Mania.

If we were to play with the idea of a turn, I'd have to go with what makes the most sense (although WWE usually doesn't care about making sense). It would be to turn Daniel Bryan heel, and have him align with Kevin and Sami. This would lead to them creating an amazing faction on SmackDown and hopefully bring eyes to the product. Hopefully...

Alexa Bliss v. Nia Jax - RAW Women's Championship



Please please please have Nia win. Having Nia go over here will in part make up for the terrible WrestleMania 19 result of HHH going over Booker T. Good wrestling booking would dictate that the face that has been bullied and mistreated should go over, giving the heel what they deserve.

I've not been completely comfortable with the way the story has gone, with many hateful/shaming comments being thrown around. However, I can say that both women (as well as Mickie James) have played their roles extremely well.

I simply hope and pray Vince does the right thing and lets Nia go over.

Charlotte v. Asuka - SD Women's Championship



If you ever want a Women's match to main event WrestleMania, this would be the one! Charlotte and Asuka are in the contention for best wrestlers int he company, male or female. Although the build has been lacklustre, mostly because of the placement of the Fastlane PPV, the match itself is probably one of the most anticipated matches on the card.

Unfortunately for Charlotte, I'm going with Asuka going over. The streak has been such a big part of the Women's division since Asuka came up, I don't see Vince throwing that away so soon. At the very least, Asuka is going to carry that streak to WrestleMania 35.

It's going to be a bitterly contested match. I feel the best way to protect Charlotte (and this is a long shot) is for Carmella to pull a Rollins and cash in her MiTB, to make it a triple threat. This would allow Asuka to pin Carmella and protecting Charlotte for the foreseeable future.

AJ Styles v. Shinsuke Nakamura - WWE Championship

credit: Ringside Intel

credit: Ringside Intel

This is a difficult one to decipher. The build hasn’t been that amazing, mostly because of the awkward placement of Fastlane between WrestleMania and the Rumble.

On the one hand, it seems as if WWE is set on making Shinsuke the Champion, booking him strong (since the terrible Jinder feud), and probably using him as a route to secure a market in Japan. It would make sense, as Shinsuke as a character is so confident that he is going to win the title.

On the other hand, AJ is so damn good, it would be a shame to see him lose the title this soon. Giving AJ a win at WrestleMania would cement him as a champion the people can stand behind, and be a sold face for the company if need be.

However, I’m going to go with Shinsuke picking up the title, and AJ possibly moving on to an ‘above belt’ feud after WrestleMania.

Brock Lesnar v. Roman Reigns - Unversial Championship



Two words… BIG DOG. Roman Reigns is 100% picking up the title at WrestleMania. Vince has been building to this for years. For Roman to finally vanquish Brock and position him as the top guy in the company. Furthermore, the recent news from Dana White (although this is contested by the Wrestling Observer himself Dave Meltzer) that Lesnar will definitely be signing for UFC, almost confirms 1 million percent that Roman Reigns will be going over.

Although this might not go over too well with the crowd, it seems the most logical decision to make. Brock is getting up there in years, and quite frankly, it’s boring to have a champion who is barely present at your shows.

Hopefully, with Roman winning the title, we can move on to having a more enjoyable and diverse main event scene on RAW. Give me a Curt Hawkins feud for the title!

Goldberg v. Brock Lesnar: Pros & Cons

Well wasn't that the biggest swerve of the year!

"Bill please..."

"Bill please..."

This article will probably take you longer to read than the match itself, which lasted approximately 1 minutes and 25 seconds... so lets jump right into the Pros and Cons!


Big Money: Goldberg's return was a huge draw for the WWE. Every time Goldberg was scheduled to appear on Monday Night Raw, viewership increased to approximately 3 million. (source) Therefore the announcement of Goldberg appearing in the Rumble next year shows WWE obviously have faith that he will continue to bring in views, and if we have a little bit of faith in WWE, the more money they make, the better the quality of content we receive.

Buzz: Let's be honest, Professional Wrestling isn't the most mainstream source of entertainment. However, the shocking result of the match has cause international buzz. Not only was social media flooded with reactions, but national newspapers such as The Independent or The Times of India were publishing articles about the match. As wrestling fans, the more interest there is in wrestling, the easier it is for us to be open about our love for wrestling.

(Potentially) No Shane v. Lesnar: Hooray! At Summerslam this year, we were teased with the idea that Brock Lesnar would be feuding with Shane O'Mac. Don't get me wrong, I love Shane as much as the next guy, but as evident by his performance at Survivor Series, he's not the best wrestler (despite being booked like a God). Rumour has it that Goldberg has potentially signed on with WWE until Wreslemania 33, and the most likely opponent in Brock Lesnar. Although the two times we've seen Goldberg and Lesnar go at it, the matches have most certainly not been 5-stars, but a potential third match will most certainly be better than any match between Lesnar and Shane O'Mac.


Making wrestlers look weak: Well seeming as Lesnar essentially jobbed to Goldberg, he looks like a bit of a weakling, right? But Lesnar ran through the entire roster for over three years, ended The Streak, and manhandled Superman Cena, as if he were Zach Gowen. So in kayfabe terms Lesnar was THE GUY to beat. Therefore the fact that a near 50 year old man could defeat Lesnar so quickly makes the likes of John Cena, Randy Orton and The Undertaker look weak by association.

Wrong person getting the Rub: 'Rub' is basically a way of getting a wrestler over, by pairing them with a bigger wrestler. And as Lesnar has been established as THE GUY to beat, whoever beat him would get the 'Rub' as the guy who beat the guy who is the 1 in 23-1. There is a host of talent that could have really benefited from beating Lesnar, and that could have propelled that superstar to becoming the next big thing. Two 'favourites' would be NXT's biggest stars, Samoa Joe and Shinsuke Nakamura (Shinsuke and Brock have already faced off 10 years ago). However, the fact Goldberg beat Lesnar could potentially throw away a chance for WWE to make a mega star, simply because they wanted to make a quick buck.


In conclusion, the result of the 2016 Survivor Series will go down as one of the biggest OMG moments in WWE history. However, if WWE play their cards right, they could have something great in store for us at Wrestlemania 33 (definitely better than that rumoured Shane v. Lesnar angle...). And finally, no matter how controversial the result, it definitely got people talking about pro-wrestling again.