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The Top 5 Moustaches in Wrestling

I’ve got a moustache. Well to be honest I’ve got a fully fledged beard, so I thought. Hey, lets give the wrestlers with a fuzzy caterpillar some love! So here’s the greatest wrestling Moustaches of all time!

Honorable Mentions

Cody Rhodes – Rhodes is already a handsome man, but having a gimmick surrounding the fact he had a moustache that made him even more handsome? Genius!

Mean Gene Okerland – ‘Put that cigarette out!’ and celebrate the gentlemanly moustache of one of the most iconic ring announcers in history.

The Iron Sheik - Break your moustache and make you humble!

5. Rick Steiner


Not only was he one-half of the greatest tag teams in professional wrestling. But he donned the thickest of horseshoe moustaches ever. Often overshadowed by his brother’s exuberant ‘Big Poppa Pump’ gimmick, Rick was a badass, legit wrestling machine. He was a tough guy in the ring, and his moustache made him look even more menacing.

I’m personally a believer in the theory that had Scott also had a Rick Steiner moustache when they were tagging, the brothers would have been the single greatest tag team in history. Come on, look at this picture and tell me you wouldn’t just hand your belt over to this man.

4. Big Bully Busick


A throwback to a good ol’ 1920’s bully who would murder you one on one whilst ‘rassling’ on a barge. Triple B’s unconventional handlebar moustache into sideburns truly made him look like a silent film villain.

Despite being a jobber, it’s commendable that Busick had no formal wrestling training, and quite literally learnt the ‘graps’ in the ring. The only thing WWE (then WWF) has missed out on was an angle where he tied another superstar’s loved on to a train track in a whimsical manner.

3. Ox Baker


Imagine Rick Steiner’s moustache, only longer, bushier and on a bigger man who screamed ‘I love to hurt people!’ Ox Baxter’s moustache made him look like a wild man. An individual who would go to great lengths simply to maim his opponent.

The look worked so well that Baker transitioned into Hollywood roles, alongside actors such as Jackie Chan and Kurt Russel. So let that be a lesson to you, grow a gnarly moustache and you’ll be a star!

2. Harley Race


The late great Harley Race is an unconventional pick for this spot, but hear me out on this one. For starts, Harley Race literally went from almost having his leg amputated to being one of the manliest wrestlers ever! Not only that but his iconic moustache into mutton chops combo had every single woman in attendance swooning.

Harley Race was involved in wrestling since 1965, and was involved in the industry until the very end. Harley was one of the toughest guys to have ever lived and arguable this in part is because the power of his mutton chops transcended space and time, and have gave him everlasting tough guy cred.

1. Hulk Hogan

THAT’S RIGHT BROTHER?! WHATCHA GONNA DO?! Because let’s all be honest, it couldn’t be anyone else. Not only because the Hulkster’s horseshoe moustache was immaculate, but also because it’s iconic. Go to anyone on the street and show him just the bleach blonde moustache and I guarantee, 8 out of 10 people will name drop Mr America.


Personally, despite the 1980’s horseshoe being Hogan’s iconic look, I feel that the moustache plus dark stubble beard combo was his best look. It gave him the grizzly dark look a good heel needed. It also reflected the grizzly dark state on WCW circa 1997.

But hey Hulkster… still hate you.