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Who is Michael Ovitz? - Michael Ovitz

“It’s not about money. The money will flow. It’s about power and influence.” - Michael Ovitz

if you are in anyway interested in the entertainment industry, especially Hollywood, and don’t know of Michael Ovitz, then stop reading this (okay maybe don’t stop) and immediately pick up this book.

I knew very little about Michael Ovitz before reading this book but since i’ve reading about his story, he has become one of my greatest inspirations. Who is Michael Ovitz covers essentially the whole of Ovtiz’s career and his rise to arguable being the most powerful man in Hollywood.

On the surface the idea fo a very successful man talking about his life story may sound egotistical, but the entire read is enthralling and personally inspirational. Ovitz takes a deep dive into what he’s learned over his many years in the media industry, and not only does he share his high points but also his lowest lows. The sharing of both ends of the spectrum humanises a man who for many years was seen as a looming phantom over Hollywood.


The most inspirational part of this book for me was learning the story of how Ovitz, Perkins, Haber, Rosenfeld and Meyer were gutsy enough to take a risk and step out to create the CAA, arguable the greatest agency of all time. The chapters describing this transition alone makes this book worthy enough for any entrepreneur or someone seeking to work in the entertainment industry to purchase a copy.