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Travelling Alone for the First Time

So I travelled internationally all by myself for the first time last week! I travelled from London Heathrow all the way to beautiful Calgary in Alberta Canada. Honestly it was potentially the greatest experience of my 22 year old life!

So I’m going to break down some cool tips I have/ picked up on my travel, as well as using this as an excuse to show off some of the cool pictures I grabbed!

Check the In-fight Entertainment

Okay I’m going to defend in-flight entertainment at this point so get off my back! Are screens on flights bad? Yes yes they are, and are cut down versions of movies bad? YES YES THEY ARE! HOW DARE THEY CUT DEVDAS FROM 3.5 HOURS TO 2 HOURS! However! Going into the flight fully unaware of the movies available to me I almost missed some awesome films that I checked out during the very very long flights.

Okay this picture isn’t technically Calgary but look!

Okay this picture isn’t technically Calgary but look!

Only Take The Essentials

So I took a lot… a lot of stuff with me on my travels, and I’ll be honest I didn’t use a lot of the stuff I took!

Things I took that I didn’t use in the slightest include: My Nintendo Switch, a pair of slippers and at least 3 shirts! Sure it’s good to have too much than too little, but the fact it took a ton of space in my already pretty small suitcase does make a difference!

The coolest thing at the Royal Tyrrell Museum

The coolest thing at the Royal Tyrrell Museum

Plan that Itinerary

I’m not usually the planning type but honestly had I not done the little research I did I would have missed out on the coolest things I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m a huge fan of dinosaurs, and so through my reading of The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs I came across the Royal Tyrrell Museum. So as soon as I knew I’d be going to Alberta I made sure I scheduled into my calendar to make some time to visit the museum! Which was great because it didn’t even cross my hosts mind to go there!

Have a Friend

Okay so this is a hard one, and isn’t necessary, but having a friend where you’re travelling is the best thing in the world! Not only does it mean you have a place to crash, for free! (If they’re nice) which relieves a lot of stress. But they also can show you a lot of cool spots you’d miss out on if you aren’t a local.

For me it was getting poutine from this small cute place and even telling me some cool and tasty stuff to buy from a 7/11.


So hopefully these tips have been useful! I’m not a seasoned traveller but honestly this experience has made me want to travel more, even further and for even longer! I hope this helps motivate you to continue or even start travelling on your own!