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God Bless Jesse Owens

The name most people will be Tweeting out about today will be the late actor Paul Walker, and despite me enjoying his action packed films and meaning no disrespect to him, there is also another notable birthday to celebrate today.

Jesse Owens is one of the most important men in sporting and political history. Despite his bevy of world records and Gold Medals, Owens will go down as a single man who destroyed Hitler’s myth of Aryan Supremacy and win four Golds at the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin.

God Bless Jesse Owens.

jesse owens 1936

What was The Shortest War?

The shortest war was on record was the Anglo-Zanzibar War of August 1896. It lasted between 38-45 minutes and resulted in 500 casualties for Zanzibar and 1 wounded for the British.